What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence may be: hitting someone, humiliating someone, threatening someone, cursing at someone or forcing someone to have sex. However, it could take the shape or form of any type of violence within a relationship. It can be physical violence as well as psychological or sexual violence.

Domestic violence happens far more often than you might think and everyone can be confronted with it, be it male or female, young or old. You often hear about domestic violence between (ex-)partners and about women being the victim, but men can also be the subject of violence. Whenever children are involved, they also become victims, because they have been witness to the violence between their parents.

- What is domestic violence?

- What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence doesn’t stop on its own

It’s hard to talk about domestic violence, because you’re ashamed of it or because you think it’s your fault.  Seeking help is absolutely out of the question. Moreover, you expect the violence to stop eventually. It becomes especially difficult if you don’t want the relationship to end. All these responses are very understandable. However, it’s still better to seek help and talk to someone about it. Domestic violence isn’t normal and doesn’t just go away. It usually only gets worse.

Someone who is being abused isn’t particularly quick to talk about it. This is caused by fear of the perpetrator, feelings of shame or feelings of guilt. However, someone can also have conflicting feelings towards the perpetrator of the violence. A woman hates her husband’s aggression, but at the same time she still loves the man himself.